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Hear from those Louise's Conceiving Conception method has helped already


"I attended weekly sessions with Louise for a year. During this time we focussed on a number of issues including the death of my brother, my IVF treatment and a genetic illness in my family (all of which were causing me anxiety and sadness). Louise helped me understand myself better - something that has changed all aspects of my life in a positive way. As a result, I feel I am kinder to myself making me a better wife, colleague, daughter, friend and now mother.


During my time with Louise she supported me through my final round of IVF using donor eggs and I gave birth to my two beautiful children in 2020.  I cannot recommend Louise highly enough. I will continue to have sessions with her as and when I need them. I always leave Louise’s sessions feeling like a weight has been lifted."


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"I was suffering from secondary infertility after the birth of my daughter. It was affecting my relationship & how I felt about myself. Louise helped my to see I was traumatised from the birth & helped me to process it all, it wasn’t long after that I was pregnant with my son!"



"After several years of unsuccessful attempts to start our family, we started working with Louise, who was able to support us through the process of our IVF journey. Louise provided reassurance, clarity and confidence, enabling us to relax. We welcomed our son, Hamilton, in 2019 and we’re looking forward to welcoming our new addition to our family later in 2021"

Suze & Chloe


“My fertility journey was a long and rocky road. When I was at the most difficult part, I reached out to Louise and received amazing support. She helped me to work through my previous traumas as well as to deal with the ongoing treatment. Without her help I would have not been able to go through another round of IVF which gave me my beautiful baby girl. 

I can honestly say that without Louise’s help we would not have made it to our happy ending.”


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