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Frequently Asked Questions

The Answers You Need

Are you saying there is no place for medicine within the Conceiving Conception method?

No, not at all. If infertility has been medically diagnosed with a causal factor, then medicine is the path you should follow. If, however, the cause of your infertility is unexplained or unknown, then certainly an intuitive link can be made; where there is no biological explanation, perhaps there may be a psychological one. For some, the Conceiving Conception Method would work very well alongside a medical intervention.

Does this mean that my infertility is my fault?

No. If anything I want the workbook to steer us away from self-blame. What I found in my research thesis is that when there is an absence of reason, we look for one. When one can’t be found, that often gets turned inwards upon oneself - and that is unfair and really unhelpful. What I mean is that there may be something locked away in our unconscious that may need some attention and some healing. In my experience, once that healing has happened, it seems to clear a space in the body and mind… for a baby, for your baby.

Are you saying that you can think yourself pregnant?

Well, yes and no. The power of the mind is vast and is often an untapped resource. There may be some outdated thought patterns that need focus and re-programming. After all, if you could just think it and make it happen, you would’ve tried that already. We need to guide your body and brain to move on from your previous thoughts to achieve what you want now, in the present day.

When will the Conceiving Conception Workbook be available?

The workbook is already available to pre-order here.

We expect it to be more widely available by the end of March 2023

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