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So, just what is Kokology? The word "Kokology" is a combination of "koko," which means "here and now" in Japanese, and "ology," indicating the study of something.

It's about exploring the inner mysteries and finding hidden answers, just like Conceiving Conception!

Kokology is a unique and playful psychological game from Japan that invites individuals to explore their inner world through imaginative scenarios and questions. It's all about self-exploration and fostering understanding of one's desires, fears, and motivations.

In Kokology, participants engage with creative scenarios, respond spontaneously, and then receive interpretations that reveal hidden aspects of their personality. It's a delightful way to bond with others, stimulate creativity, and practice mindfulness.

However, it's important to note that Kokology is not a replacement for professional psychological help when needed. It's primarily for fun and self-discovery, not a substitute for therapy.

So, why do I even mention it?

Because just like our workbook, it encourages self-reflection and communication, stimulates creativity, and promotes mindfulness. It's a playful tool that complements the healing journey, acknowledging that play can be therapeutic. Play in therapy provides a safe space for self-expression, self-awareness, and healing in an enjoyable and engaging manner.

Want to play?

My all-time favourite example of this game is in the book. But here is one for you to try today.

The Enchanted Forest

Scenario: You find yourself in the middle of a vast, enchanted forest. As you wander deeper into the woods, you come across a key. Describe the key. What do you think it unlocks? What would you do with it?


  • Close your eyes for a moment and imagine yourself in the enchanted forest.

  • Picture the key you discover there and describe it in detail.

  • Consider what this key might unlock within the forest and why it's significant.

  • Write down your thoughts on what you would do with the key and why.


This exercise can reveal your sense of adventure, problem-solving skills, and your perception of opportunities. The key and its purpose can symbolise your desires and goals, offering insights into your aspirations and what you value most.

The key you discover is a symbolic element that represents various aspects of your personality and desires. Here's a bit more about the key:

Key Appearance: The key's appearance can provide insight into your creativity and imagination. Is it an ornate, antique key with intricate details, or is it a simple, modern key?

The key's design may reflect your aesthetic preferences and your perception of beauty.

Key Size: The size of the key may signify the importance you place on the opportunity it unlocks. A large key could represent a significant, life-changing opportunity, while a small key might symbolise something more personal or intimate.

Key Condition: Is the key shiny and well-maintained, or is it old and weathered? The key's condition might indicate how you view your current circumstances and your readiness to explore new opportunities.

Unlocking: What the key unlocks within the enchanted forest is particularly significant. It could represent your goals, dreams, or even challenges in your life. The nature of what's behind the locked door or gate can shed light on your inner desires and what you feel is missing or hidden.

Purpose: Your intended use of the key can reveal your problem-solving approach and your willingness to embrace change or adventure. Are you eager to use the key to unlock something, or are you hesitant? This reflects your attitude toward opportunities in your life.

Kokology or working therapeutically this way with imaginative scenarios and questions, can play a significant role in supporting self-discovery during the often emotionally charged fertility journey. Here's how this works…. You see, this is a way of accessing a platform for emotional expression. Fertility challenges bring forth a complex mix of emotions, and exercises like this allows us to explore and express these feelings safely. It also helps us unearth our hidden desires and fears. On this journey, there are often unspoken hopes and worries, and working in this way can bring these to the surface for examination.

It sheds light on one's coping mechanisms. The spontaneous responses in these exercises reveal how we naturally deal with stress and challenges. It’s a great way of promoting communication, especially when undertaken with a partner or support network. Couples can share their thoughts and feelings, deepening their understanding and empathy for each other. Additionally, exercises like this offer opportunities to practice decision-making and explore personal values, mirroring real-life choices related to fertility. Furthermore, it indirectly builds resilience by encouraging creative problem-solving in its imaginative scenarios. The Conceiving Conception method, just like Kokology fosters mindfulness, helping individuals stay present and reduce stress. It encourages reflection on responses and interpretations, facilitating personal growth.

Have fun & let me know your thoughts!

Louise x

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