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The New Psychological Approach to Unlocking the Baby in You


This Conceiving Conception Workbook offers infertility therapy to those who are either suffering with unexplained infertility, miscarriage, IVF failures or are in need of IVF support.


Infertility affects as many as I in 7 couples worldwide. Increasingly, solutions are sought in nutrition, reducing stress, eliminating harmful toxins, charting ovulation and, for many couples, artificial reproductive techniques like IF and hormone treatments. But if the effects of infertility are deeply psychological and emotional, couldn't the causes be, too?


Psychologist Dr Louise Goddard-Crawley has spent her career counselling women and couples experiencing unexplained infertility, and she has found that most solutions neglect one of the most powerful parts of the body: the mind. From past beliefs that it's 'wrong' to get pregnant to trauma from your own childhood and undiscovered anxieties surrounding childbirth and parenthood, she advocates a radical, therapy-based solution to fertility problems that delves into the subconscious.


This workbook looks at what might be holding you back from getting the very thing you desire the most.... a baby, and helps you change the deeply subconscious attitudes you have towards conception. Warm, supportive, and without blame; just like a personal counselling session, this workbook provides you with real-world therapeutic techniques tailored to you - just like having a therapist with you.

Conceiving Conception - The Workbook

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    • Length: 228 pages
    • Dimensions: 13.97 x 1.32 x 21.59 cm
    • ISBN10: 180042213X
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