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Working with Louise on a one-to-one basis is often the way to get the best results and the fastest progress.

It's the methods that Louise uses in these one-to-one sessions which have formed the basis of her forthcoming Conceiving Conception Companion Workbook

Louise wants to help as many people as possible to achieve the baby that they desire. With this in mind, her workbook will make Louise's groundbreaking approach available and accessible to many. 

With that said, some people find it easier to be guided through the exercises by Louise. If this sounds like you, and you'd like to find out a little more, please get in touch.

Whether via one-to-one sessions or by working through the Conceiving Conception Companion Workbook independently, Louise will share with you the methods & techniques she uses to empower you to start working on yourself & your future family.


Please subscribe for regular insights, practical exercises, and to be informed of when the Conceiving Conception Companion Workbook will be available, later this year.


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