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The Concept

The brain's ability to affect the body is well known but can the brain be powerful enough to affect something as biological as infertility?

firmly believe so.

The Conceiving Conception Workbook is a step-by-step guide to my new psychological approach to infertility.

I'm going to help you in the same way I’ve helped many of my patients on their way to starting or expanding their families.

The Prescription

Chapter 1
  • Getting you thinking about thinking

  • Validating your experience

  • Psychological impacts and solutions

Chapter 4
  • Let's work on this together

  • Reconnecting with your body

  • Focusing your attention

Chapter 7
  • Geting to know your unconscious

  • Time to relax on the couch

  • Making your unconscious - conscious

Chapter 2
  • Your mind affects your body

  • Addressing causes early

  • The root of your mindset

Chapter 5
  • It's all about you

  • Telling your story

  • Looking at yourself differently

Chapter 8
  • Looking at forced positivity

  • Building your healthy mindset

  • Acknowledging your emotions

Chapter 3
  • Tips for time travellers

  • Your changing mindset

  • Shifting your perspective

Chapter 6
  • Examining your anxieties

  • Building your authentic mindset

  • Tackling unhelpful behaviours

Chapter 9
  • Addressing your losses

  • Sensitivity and compassion

  • Your grief and healing

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